San Diego County Bee Attack

Honey Bee Anatomy

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Twitter follower Linda Eskin alerts me to this case in San Diego county, as related in, in which A 67-year old man was almost killed by a bee attack.

Wayne Thibodeau set out Oct. 16 for a simple task: to help cut down a dead oak tree in his friend’s yard.

Within hours, Thibodeau, 69, a retired ironworker, was on his hands and knees, fighting off thousands of honeybees. He endured hundreds of stings, as well as a heart attack, said his wife, Frankie Thibodeau, 62, and had to spend six days in the hospital, including four in intensive care.

He is expected to make a full recovery, for which Frankie credits a stranger – Samantha Richards, 21, of Campo.

“I would be a widow today,” said Frankie, a retired commercial rabbit breeder. “If she hadn’t done what she did, he would be dead.”

Terrifying and awful. I do not wish my morbid obsession to make light of other peoples’ misery, but… it is, after all, morbid obsession.

Speaking of which, back in April, 100 Africanized bee stings killed a Florida man.

This whole bee thing is really starting to freak me out. No more baklava. No more.

Image from Wikipedia.


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