Synagogue Destroyed After Kristallnacht

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Yesterday and today mark the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the pogrom in Germany that for all practical purposes marks the beginning of the Holocaust.

On November 7, 1938, 17-year-old Jew Herschell Grynszpan, whose family had been expelled from Germany, assassinated junior diplomat Ernst Vom Rath in Paris. The Nazis used this assassination as an excuse to enact a long-planned and carefully-coordinated program of violence throughout November 9-10, in which synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses were wrecked, 92 Jews were murdered, and 25-30,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is comemorating this day with "memorials and ceremonies." The LA Times reports on an Israeli writer who believes he’s recently found artifacts from Kristallnacht near Berlin.

Photo from Wikipedia.


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