Christmas Sucks

Christmas Sucks

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Have the holiday blues got you down? Are you sick of network news stories on the slowing economy and how starving bankers have to give their kids dirty socks for Christmas or risk having the Bentley reposessed? Or do the Hannukah hornies have you planning a misanthropic holiday retreat with a bottle of lube and the The Book of Judith?

At Christmas Sucks, six top-notch erotica writers share their nasty holiday horror stories with you, trading holiday glurge and Christmas schmaltz for hardcore raunch and bitter winter depression, raising seasonal affective disorder to a sleazy and viciously satiric art. Sherilyn Connelly, Charles Gatewood, Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard join host Thomas Roche for a nasty reading of holiday discontent sure to leave you feeling warmer and sloppier than a couple dozen of Aunt Petunia’s moonshine-laced egnogs.

Featuring readings by:
Sherilyn Connelly
Charles Gatewood
Carol Queen
Marcy Sheiner
Simon Sheppard

Hosted by Thomas “The Bitch Who Stole Christmas” Roche

Friday, December 19
The Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission Street @ 11th Street, San Francisco
Doors 7:30, show 8-10pm

No door charge, but a small donation requested to benefit the Center for Sex & Culture

Email for more information.


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