Perverts Put Out, Bye, Bye Bush: Tomorrow Night

Perverts Put Out

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I’m reading some politically-themed paranormal porno tomorrow at Perverts Put Out, tomorrow, the Bye-Bye Bush Edition:

‘Perverts Put Out!, San Francisco’s long-running pansexual performance series, has featured stellar line-ups of truly twisted, mega-talented artistes…and even an occasional naked mayoral candidate.

‘The next PPO, on Friday, January 16, will be the special Bye-bye Bush Edition, featuring delightfully pervy performers Charlie Anders, Greta Christina, Stephen Elliot, Shar Rednour, Kirk Reed, Thomas Roche, horehound stillpoint, and your ever-so-humble emcees Dr. Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard. Come join us as we throw one last shoe at W.

Find out more at

Image: First Row: (l to r): S. F. mayoral candidate George Davis, mattilda, Charlie Anders. Below text: Making the scene at Perverts Put Out: (top, left to right) Lori Selke and admirer, Dr. Carol Queen, Steven Schwartz (second row, l to r) Kirk Read, Meliza Bañales, mattilda, (bottom row) Daphne Gottleib, Lori Selke, Simon Sheppard, Charlie Anders, and Carol Queen, and horehound stillpoint.

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