Patagonia Rising (Chile, 2010, dir: Brian Lilla)

Docfest: Patagonia Rising (Chile, 2010, dir: Brian Lilla)

Reviewed by Thomas Roche for SFAppeal

SFIndie’s 10th Annual San Francisco Documentary Film Festival continues this week, unleashing a wave of provocative documentaries at the Roxie and the Shattuck Cinema. In keeping with its revolutionary mandate, Docfest never fails to seek out documentary work that showcases the dangerous ground where human endeavor meets politics and commerce.

To that end, one of Docfest 10’s most exciting films in its second week takes on global issues of resource management and the power industry. The 2010 film Patagonia Rising, by Bay Area director and Docfest favorite Brian Lilla (Tale of Two Bondage Models, Ghetto Fabulous), looks at a project to build five hydroelectric dams in Chile, where the Northern Patagonia Ice Field may be at risk of giving up the icy ghost. In the eyes of power companies and many of Chile’s citizens, the dams are absolutely required in order to provide “green” energy to power Chile’s future.

Read the rest of my article at SF Appeal.


Patagonia Rising still from ConservacionPatagonica.


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