Rocky Horror Picture Show Matryoshkas

There’s so much I find overwhelmingly creepy about these Rocky Horror Picture Show matryoshka dolls on Etsy.

Maybe it’s because in my RHPS matryoshka nightmares, Frank ‘N’ Furter, the biggest doll, could be seen here as sort of devouring the smaller dolls, Jonah-and-the-whale style — starting, disturbingly enough, with Riff Raff…who doesn’t even really seem like he’d be that into it.

Or maybe it’s because Janet has been made so small — which threatens to give the by-necessity-enormous Brad kind of a pedophile vibe. Which only makes me think that the size differential between Frank and Janet is even creepier, which is when I remember she also fucked Rocky — and that shit was actually her idea. And then, Frank fucked Rocky. And Frank did Brad. They’re all a whole lot smaller than Frank, and it’s creepy. Creepier than the whole thing was to begin with, even. Plus, Chubby Riff Raff really doesn’t work for me. And where the hell is Meat Loaf?

Or maybe it’s just because they’re, you know, creepy.

For $180, you can have your very own set, from bobobabushka. Or, if you’re tight on funds for your creepy matryoshka collection, “Convo me if you prefer the non-deluxe set, which is a smaller set of five without Brad and Janet.”

Incidentally, bobobabushka sells “nesting dolls with attitude,” including such delights as the cast of Absolutely Fabulous, and — believe it or not — the whole gang from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic.

My favorites are Satan’s Schoolgirls, The Addams Family, and Spinal Tap.




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