By the way, Did I Mention ‘The Panama Laugh’ Was a Finalist For the Bram Stoker Award

It seems I got a day job again, and practically abandoned this blog, as well as Boiled Hard.

So I never mentioned that my military-noir-anticorporate zombie apocalypse The Panama Laugh was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, given by the Horror Writers of America.

This is the main award given for the genre of literary horror. It’s about the most amazing thing in the world, and the last damn thing I expected. I’m flattered to have been a finalist.

I even drove to Salt Lake City for the awards ceremony at the 2012 World Horror Convention. No, I didn’t win, but WTF? I’m just lovin’ the ride.

The award went to the more than worthy Allyson Bird, and congratulations to her! And thanks to everyone who voted for me (or voted for another book they liked more — which is fine, too.)

That title again is The Panama Laugh, and you can get it wherever better books are sold. Shitty ones, too.

Thanks again to everyone who’s read the book and liked it. The sequel is rattling around in my head, but no, it’s not sold yet. Meanwhile, back at the day job…


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