Books by Thomas Roche



Dark Matter (Rhinoceros Press, 1997): My first collection of short stories, published Valentine’s Day, 1997. Features short erotica with gothic, cyberpunk, and queer, kinky, and fantastic overtones. Contains two short stories that were selected by Susie Bright for her Best American Erotica series, “Temporary Insanity” and “What He Did.” It is extremely out out of print and is next to impossible to find. Stay tuned for information about a short-run reprint, if I ever have five damn minutes to spare.



hisHis and Hers (Pretty Things Press, 2003): A pair of erotic collections I cowrote with Alison Tyler; “Hers” contains short stories written from the male perspective specifically for women, addressed in the second person. “His” contains stories from female characters, written to men. Very couples, friendly, kinky but intimate — romance conquers all, you know.


Passion Criminale. Erotica Krimis mit Schuss. I have no idea what the deal is on this book. I remember signing a contract with some German company. I remember NOT getting a check. I remember being fairly pissed. I remember moving on. My regard for the German people is not lessened.



Noirotica (Masquerade Books, March 1996): The first book with my name on the title (there were dozens of other books before that, but ask me about them at your peril). The first anthology to fuse dark erotica with crime-noir and detective fiction. This book grew out of my love of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford, Cornell Woolrich, with a little bit of Jim Carroll, Hunter S. Thompson, Hubert Selby Jr. thrown in for good measure, and even a dash of Andrew Vachss, which I am sure would thrill him. Contains 30 short stories by many authors I was privileged to publish.


Noirotica 2 (Masquerade Books, December 1997): The second book in the series. More freaky erotic crime fiction, often more freaky, plus my meditational mob novella, “Forgetaboutit,” which was given an honorary mention in Ellen Datlow’s & Terri Windling’s Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.


Noirotica 3 (Black Books, 2001): The third book in the series featured lots more weird edgy freaking-out than the first two, with much darker stories, harder-bitten detectives, and plenty of kinky grab-assing. Contains my novella “The Last Words of Charlie Ballerina,” which tends to get people excited.



In the Shadow of the Gargoyle (Ace Books, 1998). My first collaboration with Nancy Kilpatrick, a mainstream fantasy and horror collection of stories about gargoyles. Features many of the greats I was so privileged to work with, including Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Katherine Kurtz, Brian Lumley, Jane Yolen, and many more.


Graven Images (Ace Books, 2000). My second collaboration with Nancy. This time the focus is on religious imagery and its dark side. A novella from Robert Silverberg, and short stories frim Gene Wolfe, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Kathe Koja, and Tanith Lee.


Sons of Darkness (Cleis Press, 1996). Gay vampire stories. Very horrific, some extreme sex, made everyone think I was gay, like I care. Some truly great horror and erotica writers, plus some gay literary writers, contributed. Still in print.


Brothers of the Night (Cleis Press, 1997). More gay vampire stories, with a harder edge, a darker feel, a greater emphasis on horror over eroticism. Some incredibly dark and scary stories. Very exciting time getting that cover done. Boy howdy.


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