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Nora Ness (Interview)

January 11, 2008

Nora Ness is a German photographer and model who seeks to show “pure emotions and true erotic feelings” through her work. In her collaboration with Dutch artist Sander Steins, digital background manipulation melds with erotic images of Ness to create a dreamlike texture of erotic exhibitionism. The surrealism of their work together reflects a new style of erotic art.

With a Master’s degree in Life Science, Ness worked as a scientist for many years before seeking out her mode of erotic expression through modeling and self portraiture.

We recently communicated with Nora Ness about her background, philosophies, and work.

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Nathaniel Miljour (Interview)

December 26, 2007

All artwork by Nathaniel Milljour. Used with permission.

You might have spotted Nathaniel Milljour’s gorgeously goth-influenced fetish artwork on the cover of last April’s Oysters and Chocolate magazine or, if you’re lucky enough to live in his native Calgary, Alberta, on the City of Calgary’s Calgary Transit Art in Motion exhibit of the Urban Renewal Program.

In 2007, Milljour also exhibited his work at Calgary’s Adore Designs Studio/Gallery, at the Calgary Erotic Art Show, and the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, where he won the Sculptural Spirit Award. The Vicious Circle Gallery featured a month-long exhibit of his work entitled “Inamorata.”

We caught up with Milljour to discuss some of his work and some of his influences.

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Nathan Strausse’s Vignette (DVD Review)

December 26, 2007

Photos courtesy of Nathan Strausse

Photographer Nathan Strausse enters into the video erotica world with his directorial debut Vignette. It’s a moody, atmospheric piece of dark erotica with an intense techno-ambient soundtrack and a heavy dose of fetish imagery.

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Exotica 2 Detroit (Event Review)

December 15, 2007

Walking through the doors of the Leland Hotel in Detroit is like stepping from a black and white movie on the streets of Detroit in gloomy November and into an early 20th century setting. But as you walk up the stairs and through the curtains of the Exotica expo, you enter a world of sex toys, beauties, colorfully dressed models, fetish enthusiasts, and even some average looking people just looking to find something colorful and unique in such a grey town.

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Halloween Bondage Ball (Event Review)

November 29, 2007

All photos by Ila Packman

The sweet sounds of Halloween could be heard on Hollywood Boulevard. Horns honking, revelers reveling and ghouls, ghosties, faeries and sluts running rampant heading straight to the Henry Fonda for the ultimate kinky event, Bondage Ball. Such delicious fun ought not to be allowed in a town that is as dirty and as full of plastic and tinsel as Los Angeles, but lucky we are. We have the ultimate in pervy fun right at our front door.

I remember the early years of Bondage Ball. Held up the street in a much smaller venue, it was enjoyable, a little darker and much more confusing. Now utilizing the two floors of the Henry Fonda, a VIP area, 2 full bars (the rooftop bar cash only), multiple DJs spinning through the night, full stage performances and Emily Marilyn becoming a regular performer for Courtney and Matthew Grimm, the Bondage Ball is the perfect event.

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The Exotic Erotic Ball

October 30, 2007

The Exotic Erotic Ball is unquestionably the San Francisco area’s largest indoor erotic event, drawing upwards of 20,000 people in recent years. It’s a giant erotic freakshow held at the Cow Palace (the same place they hold gun shows, car shows and garden expos). The freakiness is more or less evenly divided between the onstage entertainment and the guests, who dress to the nines in everything from everything to nothing.

In the weeks leading up to this event, attendees this year were promised an event that was more intense, more extreme than ever — the kind of sensory overload the Bay Area alone can provide. There were going to be umpteen stages, a zillion acts, a gazillion people, a quintillion booths; rock ‘n’ roll, electroclash, slutty hiphop, bikers, trikers, pikers; you could get lap dances, table dances, pole dances, burlesque dancers, spank dancers, monkey spankers, aaaaaahhhh!!!! It was enough to make a jaded San Franciscan like myself take a Xanax and go to bed with a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot, and the latest issue of The Atlantic Monthly.

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Michael Diamond

October 30, 2007

Photographer, writer, artist and videographer Michael Diamond says he “loves women, and chooses to pay homage to them through his work… Making women feel beautiful and good about themselves is hte most important part of his endeavours.” With his partner Lady Venus, Diamond has has documented such celebrated events as Montreal Fetish Weekend, Tampa’s FetishCon, the Japan Adult Treasure Expo, Amsterdam’s Clinic Weekend, Nuit Demonica in Paris, San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball, Fetish Factory’s Alter Ego and the Skin Two Rubber Ball, among many others.

A photographer with a fine-arts background, Diamond has worked with many of the biggest names in adult modeling on fine-art fetish photographs as well as explicit erotic video projects.

We caught up with Michael Diamond recently during a brief stopover between Berlin and Florida and talked with him about his photography and video work.

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Exotica Detroit 2

October 30, 2007

Detroit’s event legends Vena and Ally are at it again with EXOTICA Detroit 2! Perhaps this unusual pairing—a fetish model with the founder of a “circus freakshow” talent agency—was the perfect combination needed to cook up EXOTICA, their highly acclaimed weekend of pervy fun held earlier this year. Only in its second chapter, this bi-annual event has quickly become one of the most prestigious erotic and fetish happenings in the Midwest. The very first EXOTICA Detroit which took place in April, welcomed over 2,000 guests from all over the world.

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Forrest Black (Interview and Pictorial)

October 19, 2007

forrest.jpgForrest Black is best known as the Creative Director of Blue Blood, a network of sites that showcases gorgeous chicks in explicit gothic, punk, well-armed and counterculture erotica. More recently, Blue Blood has launched, a source for community where freaks of many stripes can post on everything from politics to music to sex to travel.

Born into a hippie household in Northern California, he’s lived since in the DC area and Atlanta, and now lives and works in Hollyweird, where he hits the cool parties and meets some of the world’s freakiest and hottest chicks to pose for him and Amelia G. We caught up with Forrest at the recent West Hollywood Book Fair for a chat about the Hells Angels and well-armed women.

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Exquisite Restraint Corsets

October 19, 2007

Vena‘s interview with Simone at Exquisite Restraint: 

Most people agree that there’s just something really sexy about the wasped outline of a corseted body. It’s one of those universally accepted icons of the ideal feminine form dating back to the Victorian era. With its tight lacing and reinforced shapers (known as “boning”) underneath the fabrics, it was no surprise that corsets quickly became de rigueur in fetish wear for both women and men. Many who have been fortunate enough to wear a corset get addicted the instant they experience that incredible feeling of being tightly cinched in and seeing their waistline disappear. For the more advanced addicts such as myself, stepping up to a custom fitted corset can usually cinch further inches off my waist without the added penalty of bruised ribs, unlike typical off the rack corsets.

In the world of high end corset design, Exquisite Restraint ranks up there as one of the more respected lines. I first met Simone, the owner and designer of Exquisite Restraint, backstage at a fashion show. Within five minutes of our introduction, Simone was in the dressing room ripping my clothes off, and on her knees lacing me into some sky high platform boots… no, it’s not what you think! She was helping out another company that I was just one of the models for. But while one would think that it’s this kind of unique interaction that developed our friendship, it was really her no nonsense approach when dealing with the models that left a lasting impression on me. I figured that it takes a truly talented person to successfully herd a group of cackling models as well as she did.

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