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Efter lidt for mange pivoer..

May 17, 2008

Efter lidt for mange pivoer..

Originally uploaded by Sanne Aabjerg

This photo, found through the Show Me the World game on the “Travel The World” Flickr group is apparently a house in Poland. There’s lots of helpful information at its Flickr page:

“Hey…hvad fanden sker der her? Ser huset rigtigt saadan ud eller har du lavet gejl i Photoshop? Jeg ville blive rundtosset hvis jeg boede i det hus, men det kunne nu ogsaa være meget skægt :)”

Helpful for someone, sadly not me. Cool house, though.


Amelia and Forrest

April 17, 2008

Amelia and Forrest

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood, whom I’ve been working with for like 14 years now. They came up for the AdTech conference at Moscone Center, and came by to tour the Armory and shoot some documentary video of me explaining the history of the Armory and what we do there.

They are responsible for,,, and more, none of which are safe for work, all consolidated under the site, which is also not safe for work. I still think of them as the people from Maryland publishing punk rock scifi goth horror erotica. They’re not from Maryland any more.

Find more of Amelia and Forrest at,, and

My Sucky Valentine: Now with Charles Gatewood!

February 12, 2008
Hey!!! Rock on!!! Charles Gatewood has just agreed to read at  My Sucky Valentine this Thursday! Charles is one of my favorite photographers of all time and a walking piece of counterculture history. Plus he rocks as a writer. I’m hoping he’ll read a bit of his amazing autobiography. Hope to see you there!

My Sucky Valentine 2008
A benefit for the Women’s Community Clinic and the St. James Infirmary

Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008
Doors 7 – Show 8
Artwork SF — 49 Geary — San Francisco (

Featuring readings by
Sherilyn Connelly, Charles Gatewood, Thea Hillman, Carol Queen, Lori Selke, Julia Serano, and Simon Sheppard

Hosted by Thomas S. Roche 

Every year, San Francisco writer Thomas Roche and a sex club, dungeon, art gallery or dive bar full of his closest friends, hated rivals and future ex-wives gather together to explore all the darkest themes of love and romance — psycho girlfriends with nutty exes, boyfriends with skid marks, and heartache, heartache, heartache!

I know, I know — for this, you want we should pay ten dollars? But what makes this event slightly different than your run-of-the-mill group drunken crying jag at Old Joe’s Barroom is that My Sucky Valentine peels back the rotting rose petals of romance that cover the fragrant bud of sleaze. Many of San Francisco’s best-loved erotica writers step away from their usual sex-positive selves and mingle their appreciation of the nastier side of sex with bitter and downright admissions about how wrong it can go.

This year’s event is a benefit for the Women’s Community Clinic and the St. James Infirmary. Past years have featured stories and poems about star-crossed romances, ill-conceived sexual encounters, crockery-smashing breakups, mistaken identity, dates with serial killers and of course, entries in that tried-and-true subgenre of modern literature, known as the “You Suck Fuck You I Fucking Hate You!” story — proving, as the poets have said, that “Revenge is a dish best served live on stage in front of a hundred people, preferably wearing black leather.” In, you know, a literary fashion.

People attending are encouraged to wear their sexiest, skimpiest, kinkiest sleazewear. This year’s event is unthemed, meaning you should wear whatever sleazy sexwear turns you on, while keeping with the barest shreds of propriety — no nipples, y’understand, or at least keep ’em under wraps and/or electrical tape. The silent auction will take bids on special packages of sleaze, from hot erotica to overwrought gonzo porn and more.

No reservation necessary, but seating is limited. For more information, email Thomas Roche.


Wolf 189 (Interview & Photo Gallery)

January 11, 2008

A photographer always offers a secret, voyeuristic thrill to the viewers of his or her artistic product, but aliased artist Wolf189 elevates the private, sensual moments of his models to extreme voyeuristic levels. The viewer often gets the feeling that not even the photographer was in the room. His skillful composition, framing and lighting capture naturally intimate images that reveal the sadness and desires we all hold inside. We spoke with Wolf189 about his relationship with his models, the process of a shoot, and his philosophy of untainted art.

Read more at Eros Zine.

Nora Ness (Interview)

January 11, 2008

Nora Ness is a German photographer and model who seeks to show “pure emotions and true erotic feelings” through her work. In her collaboration with Dutch artist Sander Steins, digital background manipulation melds with erotic images of Ness to create a dreamlike texture of erotic exhibitionism. The surrealism of their work together reflects a new style of erotic art.

With a Master’s degree in Life Science, Ness worked as a scientist for many years before seeking out her mode of erotic expression through modeling and self portraiture.

We recently communicated with Nora Ness about her background, philosophies, and work.

Read more at Eros Zine.

Iona Lynn (Interview & Pictorial)

December 26, 2007

San Francisco area model Iona Lynn has worked with over 200 photographers, film productions, sculptors, painters, workshops, artist groups, and more. Her memorable face and exquisite form grace enough photographers’ work to make her immediately recognizable to anyone following the fine art erotica scene in the SF Bay Area. An active member of the Palo Alto Modeling Guild, which supplies many art schools and art communities with nude figure models for classes, workshops and private sessions, she also publishes a blog where she posts illuminating and amusing stories from each photo shoot, gallery show, or other project.We caught up with this busy model to chat about her modeling work and art in general.

Read More at Eros Zine.

Benjamin Furland (Interview & Gallery)

December 15, 2007

The precision of imagery in Benjamin Furland’s art is immediately apparent in each of his photos. Every detail — from makeup, to fashion, to pose, to lighting — is meticulously played out to vibrant ends. Whether they’re delicately glamorous women of golden eras or colorful playthings in fantasy worlds, his models are elevated to a status of mythical beauty. We spoke with the Argentinean photographer about his concepts, process and work ethic.

Read more at Eros Zine.


November 29, 2007

Iconic French photographer Dahmane feels a natural connection between urban landscape and nudes. The lines, shadows and form of his exquisite architectural and cityscape work make for a perfect match with the sensual beauty of his Parisian models in his definitive photo montages.

Raised in Paris by an artist engraver father and a poet mother, his openness to art, beauty and sexuality led him naturally to erotic photography by the time Dahmane was fifteen.

Read more at Eros Zine.

Michael Diamond

October 30, 2007

Photographer, writer, artist and videographer Michael Diamond says he “loves women, and chooses to pay homage to them through his work… Making women feel beautiful and good about themselves is hte most important part of his endeavours.” With his partner Lady Venus, Diamond has has documented such celebrated events as Montreal Fetish Weekend, Tampa’s FetishCon, the Japan Adult Treasure Expo, Amsterdam’s Clinic Weekend, Nuit Demonica in Paris, San Francisco’s Exotic Erotic Ball, Fetish Factory’s Alter Ego and the Skin Two Rubber Ball, among many others.

A photographer with a fine-arts background, Diamond has worked with many of the biggest names in adult modeling on fine-art fetish photographs as well as explicit erotic video projects.

We caught up with Michael Diamond recently during a brief stopover between Berlin and Florida and talked with him about his photography and video work.

Read more on Eros Zine.

Forrest Black (Interview and Pictorial)

October 19, 2007

forrest.jpgForrest Black is best known as the Creative Director of Blue Blood, a network of sites that showcases gorgeous chicks in explicit gothic, punk, well-armed and counterculture erotica. More recently, Blue Blood has launched, a source for community where freaks of many stripes can post on everything from politics to music to sex to travel.

Born into a hippie household in Northern California, he’s lived since in the DC area and Atlanta, and now lives and works in Hollyweird, where he hits the cool parties and meets some of the world’s freakiest and hottest chicks to pose for him and Amelia G. We caught up with Forrest at the recent West Hollywood Book Fair for a chat about the Hells Angels and well-armed women.

Read more at Eros Zine.