Recent Mob News: Ruslana Kornushova, Rosario Gangemi & the Tamil Tigers

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David J. Krajicek’s “The Justice Story” has a great article on the 1987 Dixie Mafia murders in the New York Daily News. Biloxi, Mississippi is a gambling mecca, and as such, a magnet for organized crime and political corruption.

The Asian Tribune weighs in on French Author Jerome Pierrat’s recent book on French criminal gangs, Mafias Gangs et Cartels: La criminalite internationale en France. It claims, says the Trib, that Tamil-French organized crime elements work closely with the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers revolutionary group to extort money from Tamil immigrants to France and otherwise obtain funds. The article’s subheaded “A threat to French society,” as is a similar post from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence, which understandably has a little baggage with the Tigers.

Last week, Pakistan Defence reported rather jingoistically on the arrest of 26 crime bosses whom “no one could touch during the rule of the previous government.” Kind of a scary website, really.

Places speculating about the Russian Mafia’s involvement in the death of Ruslana Korshunova, the Kazakh model who committed suicide (maybe) in New York recently: the LA Times, ABC News, Marie Claire UK, and more.

While we’re at it, here’s some coverage of the funeral of Rosario “Ross” Gangemi, Calabrian-Australian ‘Ndrangheta boss in the state of Victoria: Brisbane Times, Melbourne Herald-Sun, The Age, WA (presumably West Australia) Today, and Melbourne Crime.

I’m pretty sure this is not the Rosario Gangemi I found on Facebook.

Image by 762×51 on Flickr


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