FILTH Hunters (DVD Review)

Subtitled “Fathers I’d Like to Hump,” director Eden Paige’s FILTH Hunters follows the adventures of James, his secretary Sophia, and the lesbian couple Nikki and Ella as they explore Nikki’s emerging bisexual interests. When Nikki admits to Ella that she’s been fantasizing about doing a guy, Ella agrees to let her, on two conditions: One, she gets to pick the guy, and two, she gets to be there. As they cruise the streets looking for a guy they can fuck, collecting memories with Ella’s video camera, Sophia fights with her husband Frank, who bitches at her for having a crush on her boss — “You thought I didn’t know?”

FILTH Hunters’ too-trite pro-cheatin’ message is made digestible, even satisfying, by the easy-to-follow storyline which, unlike the vast majority of improbable features, actually contributes to the energy of the sex. The relationship between Nikki and Ella makes their walk on the wild side with a dude seem like a hot sexual adventure, and the fact that James and Sophia are cheating on their respective spouses generates and extra helping of naughty tension. To be honest, its short (63-minute) running time works strongly in favor of its coherent plotline, since most adult features get bogged down right around minute 64 and then drag on for another 2 hours under the apparent impression that porn has to offer 3 hours worth of crap to be competitive. Here, the lean narrative actually works, making FILTH hunters that rarest of creatures in the adult entertainment world — a porn movie with a sexy story.

Read the full review on Eros Zine.


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