Lesbian Love Vol. 1: DVD Review

As far as I’m concerned, nothing brings a nicely cooking-along straight porn flick to a grinding halt like the obligatory girl-girl scene. Porn producers seem to think there’s this natural dick-switch that gets tripped in men whenever we see two chicks kiss (moreso if we see them just barely tongue-kiss without letting their lips get anywhere near each other) and/or that our DVD remotes don’t have fast forward buttons (or we don’t know how to use them).
Don’t get me wrong! I’m sure there are legions of guys out there who absolutely cream their Levis Acid Washed 550s whenever two female porn stars begin to enact the time-honored ritual of disinterested tongue-kiss. But I wish that straight movies could be straight movies, and that scenes between women could never, ever, be “obligatory.”

This, I submit, would clear the field for the cinema verite brand of lesbian porn, like, say, The Crash Pad, In Search of the Wild Kingdom, or the still pervier features of Julie Simone, whose Vicious Vixens series with Aiden Starr (Disciplining Dana and Penetrating Dana being two examples) proves (like we needed proof?) that sex between women can be kinky, creepy, and intensely perv-a-licious as well as being just plain hot.

 In Lesbian Love, Vol. 1, director Simone is trying for the whole other end of the femme-on-femme spectrum, and it’s as far from industry-standard girl-girl as Mr. Benson is from an NRA recruitment video. Rather than the balloon-breasted freaks of science trotted out in mainstream porn to touch each others’ shaved pussies with ten-foot poles while hissing “oooh, oooh, oooh yeah,” Simone enlists earthy alt-nerds Scar 13, Ariel X, Dana DeArmond and Reagan Maddox, scary goth chicks Gia Paloma and Michelle Aston, and weirdo bacon fetishists Lielani and Vicious Vixens co-conspirator Aiden Starr. Surely, these chippies are babes in babeland, girly as they come, so proclaimers of lesbian sovereignty through shaved heads and labrys tattoos may shy away from all except Scar, who here shows off her new close-cropped butch-blonde cyberpunk ‘do, and Michelle Aston, who sports a freaky dreadsy fauxhawk that’s as dykey as a olive-drab backpack full of organic quinoa. But while femme they may be, the stars of Lesbian Love have funky alt-ness going for them, along with the strangely romantic touch generated by the interaction of a female director with an all-chick theme.

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