Thomas Roche’s Razorblade Valentines is an occasional podcast of the author reading his erotica, horror, erotic horror, horrific erotica and generally gother than fuck fiction. Most podcasts feature explicit sexual language and some also feature violence. It is forbidden to access these downloads if you are under the age of 18 or if it is illegal to access erotic materials where you live. (Utah, Western Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia — I’m talking to you.)

While not every podcast features sex or violence, and certainly not all of them feature sex AND violence, none of these downloads are appropriate for all listeners. Before you download, ask yourself: “Am I, like, way into seriously gratuitous shit featuring goth chicks named Secretia and guys with major overbites?” If the answer is yes, then nuzzle up yer iPod, pooky.

Upcoming episodes may feature guest performers.

Razorblade Valentines Episode List:

Episode 1: A Curious Boy (Gothy horror. Atypically subtle.)

Episode 2: Avril’s Name (Gothy erotica. Typically unsubtle, though it has been called “obscure”.)

Episode 3: Phone Sex (Bizarre and humorous…. sexual fiction, I guess, not so much with the erotica, since if you get turned on by this you are strange).

Episode 4: Summer Rain (Playful and romantic erotica. Don’t hold it against me.)


2 Responses to “Podcast”

  1. Nobilis Says:

    I see the RSS feed for the comments, but does the podcast itself have an RSS feed?

  2. Thomas Roche Says:

    Yeah, it appears to just be http://thomasroche.libsyn.com/rss — if you search for it in Bloglines, y’get nothing, but if you add it directly with that URL it appears to work.

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